What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma (or Morton neuroma) is a common foot condition which can present itself as anything from a numbing or tingling sensation to an intense burning pain in the ball of the foot.

Location of Morton neuroma foot pain

The symptoms of Mortons neuroma are caused by fibrous tissue thickening the nerve sheath around the common digital nerve, which supplies sensation to the plantar aspect (the sole of the foot) as well as the tips of the toes. This scar tissues entraps the nerve, compressing and irritating it and resulting in the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. The symptoms progress and worsen over time, eventually leading to the deterioration of the nerve fibres.

80-85% of Morton’s neuroma cases occur between the third and fourth toes. More specifically they occur between the third and fourth metatarsals, which are the bones connecting your toe bones to your ankle bones. This region may also be referred to as third inter-metatarsal space. In about 20-25% of cases a Morton neuroma develops in the second inter-metatarsal space, and rarely in the first or fourth inter-metatarsal space.

Mr Weaver presenting on morton neuroma cryosurgery

Mr Weaver presenting at a recent International Podiatry conference on cryosurgery

Morton’s neuroma is named for the American surgeon Thomas George Morton (1835-1903), who first recognised the condition in 1876. His father, incidentally, was the dentist who discovered the anaesthetics, including Nitrous Oxide. This is the very gas used today in cryosurgery for Morton’s neuroma.

Cryosurgery for Morton’s Neuroma

If you have foot neuroma and are seeking a cure or remedy for this painful condition, we offer cryosurgery for Morton’s neuroma at our clinic in Sheffield, UK.

Mr. Robin Weaver at The Barn Clinic in Sheffield UK was the first clinician in Europe to use cryosurgery in the treatment of a Morton neuroma, as well as for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, plantar fibroma and osteoarthritis of the ankle joint.

Furthermore we are now the first clinic world wide to successfully treat stump neuroma with cryosurgery. We are frequently asked to lecture and provide cryosurgery training and advice and share protocols with other podiatrists, doctors and clinics.

Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

Morton’s neuroma varies in severity from patient to patient, depending primarily on how developed it is. Not all cases will require cryosurgery, and indeed we do offer other treatment options at the The Barn Clinic. If you are unsure about the state of your condition, or how to proceed with treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment with you to advise. It is always better to begin treatment for Morton’s neuroma sooner rather than later, as the condition is likely to continue to worsen over time if you do not intervene.

To start enjoying the things in your life you thought were no longer possible because of your Morton neuroma foot condition call Georgia on 0114 2214780. Georgia will be your point of contact and will send you an information pack and deal with all of your appointment requirements and generally make your treatment a smooth and enjoyable process.

Cryotherapy; the path to recovery

With well over five years of Morton’s neuroma cryosurgery behind us at The Barn Clinic, and over 1000 cryotherapy treatments carried out at our UK clinics, we are now the most experienced podiatric cryosurgery clinic outside of North America.

Please contact us for further information and to book an appointment.

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